about me

I’m one of those scientist and management consultants turned full-time metal artist. As it often does, this transition came about by experimenting with what happens when you create space in your life to find out what unexpected options present themselves when we aren’t perpetually in a whirlwind of busy-ness.

In 2009, I took a sabbatical from work and traveled by myself with a 10-lb bag to see what I could learn about being more gentle and kind to myself. I came back to work engaged to my soul mate. In 2010, I negotiated with my company to work mostly from home on leadership and training design. I had the time and emotional bandwidth to root into my marriage and my community. I’ve been amazed at how the right change happens so naturally and easily when we make room for it as opposed to trying to force a change you think should happen.

I’ve sketched metal sculpture ideas for the last four years and thought that full-time art is something that maybe I’d do eventually. But, since now is the only life I get, why not live the most beautiful, awesome life I can imagine?

In October 2011, I rented a studio space in a community workshop called Artisan’s Asylum. This 40,000 sq ft warehouse holds 140 artist’s studios, large workshops (metal, wood, robotics, etc), a long list of classes and a super vibrant community of artists and volunteers.

The transition from consultant to artist is a big one, and the thought that has most helped guide me is to “Hold lovingly any doubts about my path and what I create”

On this site, I’ll post pictures of my projects so you can see what I’ve been creating. So far, I’ve worked mostly in steel, stainless, and copper, but who knows what’s coming.

I would love to hear from you if you have questions about my path, stories you’d like to share, or would like to brainstorm fun project ideas :)